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Shahi Kaju Barfi with its heavenly trio of rose, cashew and gondh bring together a roasted nutty flavour, a crunchy punch and a sweet floral essence. Age-old traditional organic cold-pressed groundnut oil elevates the flavour making it the best celebratory food sure to transport your tastebuds to paradise. Using selective 'no nasty' organic, ultra-low GI, nutrient-dense, slow-releasing ingredients, this superfood leaves you feeling satisfied!

Organic Shahi Kaju Barfi - 200g

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  • 1. USDA Organic Certified, No Gluten, No Added Sugar, No Artificial Sweeteners

    2. Ultra Low Carb, Keto & Paleo Friendly, No Lactose, 100% Vegan

    3. Nutrient Dense & Tasty Snack/ Dessert, No Additives, NO Preservatives, No Emulsifiers

    4. Low Carb & High Protein, ideal Post-Workout snack 5. Suitable for people with Diabetes or Celiac

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