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Saarah and alifya join hands to build

D-Alive led by inspiration from

Sarrah's father Mr. Muslim Kapasi, a type : 1 diabetic.

The magic began in their home kitchen 

with grandma Sofie , an expert chef and 

mother of Muslim Kapasi.

As they progressed the

team of two turned into a 

force of six .

After a humble beginning , the team of two found their perfect work abode in a 1bhk apartment of a storey building in mumbai to begin their daily ops.

Together from scratch , turning everything 

upside down with a rigorous regime and 

demand research they conceptualised their

first range of D-Alive products : Sofie's Skinny


The products were distributed to various target

groups, type 1 diabetic ,Diabetologists and nutritionists to complete their first line of approvals with an excellent response.

Taking in all the insightful 

findings, feedback and live

research the products were

launched into the market

during the summer/

Diwali season of 2018

They crashed in their first earnings

at workshop which was only a 

marketing event which turned into

 a huge success. There was no looking back

September 2017 : After two years of rigorous R&D , The D-Alive team promoted their products at a live counter in the L'Oreal headquarters for  their Share   and Care week 

They were available in all speciality stores across mumbai . And e-tail companies like Q-trove , Gourmet delight Scootsy to name a few

February 2019 : Came a plethora of

new product lines and variants

tapping the different segments

leading up to 20 specialised products 

in the category of sweets, sauces, salad dressings, drink premixesand

an over the counter solution called 

the glucose gel for instant energy

January2019 : D-Alive makes all

products available Pan India through

Amazon and Flipkart. Til ke laddu ranked 36th out of Amazon's top 100 Hot New Releases. 

They installed their first set of 

machines another step

towards the inevitable .

D-Alive was also featured by Times Of India in the mission to

spread awareness bout how to

choose healthy foods

July 2019 :D-Alive products 

were recognised and endorsed  by

many celebritynutritionists, food 

 bloggers and influencers

November 2019: D-Alive bagged its first export order

Jan 2020: D-Alive products 

featured in Amazon's most 

gifted products. And active platform lead by Vishal Gondal called GOQI.

Today D-Alive is a striving manufacturing

unit functioning with 15 employees on its way to becoming an empire

February 2020: D-Alive products entered all big Basket portals

March 2020: D-Alive's  Khatt Mith Tomato Ketchuphas become the "Amazon Choice" for "organic tomato ketchup"


Launched were the first four products :

Maai ka laddu Roasted Peanut Laddu,

Energy Paak and Cashew Pistachio Praline

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