Also known as a salad dressing, it is a healthy mix of Organic Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil and 100% Natural Coconut Vinegar (with mother). Enhanced with aromatic ajwain seeds, nutty sesame seeds and hints of low GL organic coconut sugar, this vinaigrette welcomes delightful notes of bitter balanced with sweet caramel without raising your blood sugars. Drizzle a burst of flavours to your mundane salads with this low carb creation or over any food preparation like never before

Organic Sweet Sesame Salad Dressing - 280ml

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  • 1. Helps stabilise blood sugar levels and aids weight management

    2. The cold pressing of oil helps retain antioxidants that fight & prevent chronic diseases, destroyed by usual oil extraction methods

    3. Inspite of being Low Glycemic Index (GI) & Low Carb