Unsweetened Pistachio Butter- 180g, Cashew & Rose Bites - 200g, Phantom Hot Tomato Ketchup 280ml

Millionaire's Essential Box

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  • Millionaire Box: 

    You deserve nothing but luxury this mother’s day for your rich heart and royal mind! Here’s a box that’s for Millionaires like you!


    Millionaire Box:

    Pistachio Butter : Giving all the other butters a run for their money, this delicious looking butter will enrich you with proteins, hearty fats and fibre all at the same time!

    Cashew & Rose Bites : Royalty at its best, this perfect duo will make your heart smile, literally! Excellent source of oleic acid and antioxidants with properties that helps protect your heart and mind.

    Phantom Hot Ketchup :  This hot and spicy tangy ketchup with its anti-diabetic properties will spruce up your senses and become the best companion to all your delicacies. 

    Spiced Turmeric Latte : All organic treasures in one, these earthy spices are natural antiseptic and brain boosting superfoods that help reducing most of our ailments and conditions.

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