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This incredible ketchup with a constitution of more than sixty percent of fresh organic tomato puree', a khatt mith twist of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with mother) and organic stevia leaves makes it almost a superfood. It contains no refined sugar, is gluten free, low carb, 100% natural, vegan and delicious. Fun Fact: Lycopene in tomatoes reduces insulin resistance, increases the hormone's effects on cells, and improves blood sugar levels. But remember, only this ketchup is made out of real tomatoes and no other nasty stuff!

Khatt-Mith Tomato Ketchup - 300ml

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  • 1. No Refined Sugars & NO Artificial Sweeteners

    2. No Gluten, No Trans Fat, No Preservatives, No Additives, No MSG, Non-GMO & NO Soy

    3. Low Carbohydrates, Ultra Low Glycemic Index (GI) & Nutrient Dense!

    4. Jamun Vinegar (fortified with seed powder) cancels out even the little Carbs in Coconut Sugar (GI:35), great for Diabetic & Ketogenic diets

    5. Organic, 100% Natural & Probiotic.

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