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D-Alive 15G Of Fast Acting Glucose Gel  (Grape 270g) - Total 9 Pocket Size Sachets 30g each


D-Alive’s fast acting Glucose Gels raise low blood sugars most efficiently and instantly boost energy. 
It is typically preferred over liquids, powders and tablets because they are easier to swallow than a tablet and can be taken more quickly than a liquid. 
One pouch contains 15 grams of fast acting carbohydrates and it comes in delicious natural flavour: Grape 
It’s easy to carry, squeeze out and swallow, which makes it a good choice for children and adults alike.

D-Alive 15G Of Fast Acting Glucose (Grape 270g) - Total 9 Sachets 30g

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    • Delicious Natural flavor assortment of Grape flavor gels makes it easy to manage blood sugar and energy.
    • 15 grams of fast acting glucose raises blood sugar fast and in a measured way for people with diabetes or athletes.
    • Used by EMS, Doctors, Athletes, People with Diabetes and their caretakers in an easy-to-carry/easy-open pouch.
    • Syrup like consistency, no need to chew like other solutions.
    • Safe for consumption by gluten intolerant people, contains no gluten.
  • Product will be shipped within 48hrs of order placed and will reach to you within 5-7 working days

    Any Shipping and Manufacturing defect will be a 100% refund


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