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Adore Coconuts? This Creamy, tasty, fresh and tropical Coconut butter is a vegan butter made with just shredded coconut. Since it doesn’t contain any added sugars or preservatives, it is healthy and nutritious and does not have cholesterol at all. It also goes well with pretty much everything: as a spread, as a topping for your desserts, in your smoothies...And the list goes on and on! Go ahead and add it to all your favourite recipes.

Organic Coconut Butter (Unsweetened) - 180g

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  • 1. USDA Organic Certified

    2. No Sugar, No Sweetener, No Emulsifier, No Thickeners, No Flavourings & 100% Natural

    3. Artisanal Made Using Highest Quality Organic Ingredients

    4. Lauric Acid in coconut butter is beneficial to boost Immunity & help weight loss

    5. Boosts Athletic Performance. Rich in Fiber & Iron

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