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About Us

Not long ago, our Co-Founder and inspiration, Mr. Kapasi found himself in a world where baking anything as per his diet restrictions was either impossible or too expensive leaving him cake-less on even birthdays.

His experiences opened our eyes to the challenges families face when following a similar lifestyle. It's hard to be different, especially when it affects sweet moments with friends and family. No one wants to miss sharing a birthday cake or see their loved ones have to turn down a cake .

We hope we can bridge the gap by bringing you these BaeKits that look and taste like the treats you’ve been longing to share. Finally, BaeKit Happen!

What’s more? All the recipes are crafted by the very talented Chef Stefan who has worked in 5 Michelin star restaurants all over the world and even mastered French Baking and Pastry in South of France (Garons). With his guidance you can’t help but bake to impress with our BaeKits. 

Benefits of BaeKit Fresh

BaeKits have come as a blessing to the bakers as well as non-bakers. We have taken over all the stress points of baking at home. You can simply pick up a BaeKit box and your delicacy will be ready in minutes. There are plenty of advantages of BaeKits, the notable ones are:

     A pristine and quality end product baked with perfection and a twist of health.

  Full of Celeb Chef’s specially curated premium ingredients and recipe, your baking is hassle-free, robust & professional.

    Eliminates the time required to measure individual ingredients i.e. no pre-prep time.

   BaeKits are easy to store, stock and gift.

 Simplifies the process of scaling and descaling the recipe.

 The most important benefit of BaeKit is that it helps in maintaining the consistency in the quality, taste and health to all bakes.

    Our entire facility is certified gluten free which makes all our BaeKits even safe for celiac.

Not having to purchase in excess and only having as much as required not only eliminates wastages but also improves cost efficiency tremendously making it the cheapest way to bake at home.

You can always experiment and add your own twist.

Team BaeKit Fresh

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Sarrah Kapasi

Sarrah Kapasi's vision is to inspire and grow

everyone and everything that crosses her path. With a big smile, sparkle in her eyes and a mug of coffee she runs all the key business operations of D-Alive who she calls "my precious"

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Muslim Kapasi

Definition of a workaholic, this mentor leaves no stone unturned to fuel rapid growth. The inspiration behind D-Alive and also the strongest safety net, he is a powerhouse of enthusiasm, vigor and motivation.

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Stephan Gadit

Baking is a science that is best understood by Chef Stefan. A challenging and global culinary career has promoted him from a Chef Trainee to the Head Chef of BaeKit Fresh at a very young age. His young, talented and groovy approach is sure to catch your attention.

dalive2 2.JPG


Alfiya Attarwala

Sugar, spice and everything Nice! The Managing Director, Co-founder, Curator of Novel Products, Head of Production and the Third Pillar of D-Alive Health!

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Tasneem Patanwala

A high school drop out who took on the responsibility of her entire family at a very young age, Tasneem is all set to be the next Bill Gates. Calmly captaining the BaeKit ship with a knack for teamwork, no wonder she loves Captain America.


Monday - Saturday 
12pm - 9pm

Mumbai, India

Heart Shape

Tel: +91 7738323772 

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